Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I love NPR

Yesterday on NPR there was a segment on the strawberry crop and how there's a glut on the market. I haven't gone grocery shopping since the last time I mentioned it and was planning on going another week or two. I swung by the grocery store on the way home and picked up 5 pounds of strawberries. I never would have know if it wasn't for NPR.

1.5 pounds are already eaten. Yumm.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Wonderful Wallaby

I finished a Wonderful Wallaby sweater. I like how this photo makes it look like it's soaking up the sun. The other photos looked like it was waiting for the police to draw a chalk outline around it.

The yarn is my all time favorite Beaversilde. The old beaverslide. The color is wood violet.

Let's go looking for a violet to compare the color. Not a violet but I like the purple leaves.

From the very beginning I knew I wanted a nice cozy oversided sweater. I normally need 4 maybe 5 balls of this yarn. For this sweater I bought 7.

This Hyacinth is reminiscent of the sweater color but it's more blue and more purple. It's actually the perfect color a another sweater.

As I knit it was coming out huge. Really really huge. Crazy huge.

The Henbit is much more pink than purple. That's good since I don't really dig henbit.

Even though it's crazy huge I keep knitting. I had hope that it will turn out ok even with signs of crazy showing.
Grape Hyacinth isn't a match either.

Sweaters never turn out ok when the little whispering voice in the back says it's not working out.
I finally found the violets. What? Your violets aren't white with purple spots?

Maybe they should be. Viola sororia 'Freckles'. Violets are hard to buy in the US but sometimes Freckles can be found in nurseries. If not seeds can be gotten from UK or Canada where a more enlightened attitude to violets exist. Or find a neighbor, Freckles aren't exactly rare even if they are hard to buy.

This time was different. This time the sweater turned out just fine. It's big enough to fit 2 even 3 of me but flowing enough that it doesn't look big at all. The most important is that it's big enough to wear over a sweater. Something I wanted this winter so, of course, I finish just in time for hot weather.

Oh and even though it is crazy huge I only used 6 balls. I didn't even use all of ball 6. I love big balls of yarn.

I had to walk 3 house over to find a purple violet but the sweater was to shy to pose.