Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Concentrated Effort

I work from home now. That means I have to make a concentrated effort to leave the house and get out to interact with people.

This week I made it back to the knitting group at a local yarn store. I haven't been in years since it's difficult to make it fit into a work day but this week I made the effort. It's time I built it into my schedules, also, I received an email about clearance yarn being 70% off.
Mmmmmmmmmmm...... Clearance yarn

Sunday, August 02, 2015


With everything that has been going on I didn't have the brain power to knit complicated projects.

Plain vanilla socks to the rescue.
All these years I've bought into that it takes 100g to knit a pair of sock and if sock yarn come in a 50g ball I buy two.

I've always knit a sock per ball because I wanted to start the second sock with the same color repeat and that seems simpler from a new ball. Also, I didn't want to join my yarn.  Sure, I always had two leftover balls at the end that I put into my sock yarn scraps and then forgot.

My Mom isn't a knitter but she knows how to read, so for Christmas when she bought this pretty sock yarn she carefully gave me two 50g balls of each color. 

This time I was too tired to get the new ball when the first sock was finished so I started the second sock with what I had. I even matched the color repeat.
Shockingly I knit all of the second sock out of that same 50g ball of yarn. And they aren't short socks either but my regular length to right before my calf.
I did it again. And then again for a third time, each pair coming in at less then 50g.

Ok, so this last pair are footies in cotton yarn for summer and doesn't count.

What this means is that each of my leftover bits of sock yarn is actually a whole new set of socks. It's quite the shocking realization.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Little Luck

It's been a long time since I posted. I had been in the process of buying a house and two days before closing it was announced the title didn't clear. My lease at the apartment was up so I moved into the house renting month by month.The process wasn't something I wanted to talk about and not mentioning it felt fake, hence the blog silence.

Well, this week I received notice that since the title is now a "Soft clear" that the title company won't allow the sell of the house for six months to a year. I just signed the documents changing my lease to extend until November.

I decided that this house and I needed a little luck. Now where does a person obtain some luck? Where else?
I turned in my points and used the free shipping and this little gift showed up at my door.

hmmmmm. It doesn't look like plants.

Seven pots of four-leaf clover in shades of green, white, burgundy, and red.

This one with pink speckles is especially pretty.

I planted them in the bare dirt outside the back door where nothing grows. I hope that along with their genetically altered luck* they do their nitrogen fixation thing and that area will be mine and ready to grow flowers next year.

*the nursery listing didn't say they were genetically altered, and I can't find much online either, but they have to be, right? University of Georgia found the four-leaf gene next to the one that produces red color in 2010 and 5 years to store shelves sounds about right to me.