Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who, Me?

The scarf is finished. It's a little short but I ran out of yarn. I have faith that it will lengthen with time. Long scarves always get longer with wearing. Or if I want to hurry it up when I wash it I can hang it to dry instead of laying it flat.

The fringe turned out great. It only took me about 5 do overs to get it even. Not bad. The cast off edge was more difficult than the cast on one. It kept on spreading a bit and the same fringe looked a bit thin on that side. I finally fixed it.

Making the fringe is Easy Peasy. I used one full skein of yarn for the tassels. I cut the skein in half (that’s 2 cuts). Divide each half into 9 equal groups. Evenly space the nine tassels along each end. Using a crochet hook make Lark’s Head Knots. That's it. But easy doesn't mean quick. See above about pulling it out and put it back in about 5 times. It's worth it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank You!

I received my prizes for being the grand prize winner of the Slogalong hosted by my very favorite podcast Stash and Burn. I was listening to the new episode and about dropped my knitting when I heard my name. Right there on the air!
And what a fantastic bunch of prizes it is too! The Shetland Trader pattern book where I want to knit about every single thing in there. Some wool/silk/cashmere sock yarn from Pigeonroof Studios that is way too nice and soft for socks. I'll use it to knit the hat or shawl from The Shetland Trader.
A messenger bag from Yarn Play Cafe. I love messenger bags and I now carry it everywhere.

Finally, a whole bunch of pattern downloads. I'm already knitting Pickers Delight and I also received the patterns for Seedy Slouch Hat both from Christa Knits. Then from our very own Sarah Wilson the patten for Red Velvet. I like look of the drapy vests so I'm excited to knit it. Then two patterns from Robin Ulrich the gorgeous lace shawl Fontana and the sweet little wrap Brandywine Falls.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, everyone!

So in honor of Stash and Burn March is going to be March to the Finish. A month of taking UFOs and finishing them up taking them from the to do list to the done list.

While I had grand plans for March and knitting, this month it is kicking my butt making me want to go back to bed and stay there until July. So to take the pressure off of myself I only expect to finish one thing a week.

Hmmm one thing a week. That's still quite a heavy goal for knitting. I'm dedicating this year to being wound just right. So March is half over and one thing is finished so finishing two things seems much more in line with the possible. Oh, I feel better already.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Pithy Knitting

The lettuce I planted on Feb 1

Notice the bare spot in the center? Damn cat. I knew going in that I had a plant eater of a cat and yet I did nothing except to try to train him to leave it alone. That works about as well as that sounds. However, I've started feeding Sumi-e a little more in his food dish at night and the lettuce is bouncing back a little.

I'll camouflage the mowed down lettuce with a little more fan girl knitting.

It's Elizabeth Zimmermann's Very Warm hat. When I learned to knit I asked my instructor if I could only buy one book which would it be and she quickly answered Knitting Without Tears.

To this day I credit that book with teaching me how to think about knitting. If it doesn't look right it probably isn't. Have a cool idea? Well, do a gauge swatch and just knit it. Her patterns are always so simple and so brilliant and written so that any weight of yarn can be used.
I knit this hat using fingering weight yarn scraps. The black side is alpaca, the softest alpaca I've ever felt. The black is Henry's Attic Alpaca left from weaving a scarf. The color scraps were passed off to me by another knitter and the ball bands long gone. Since even the softest alpaca makes me itch the inside is Jojoland Melody.

I noticed a trend in my fan girl knitting as the month went on. Dr Who, Harry Potter, Elizabeth Zimmermann are all British. I like that my themes have developed themes.

Upward and onward into March.