Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Team All Spun Up

ok, ok, because I saw Needlefingers on Team All Spun Up I just joined that one too. Silly me, I set different goals for that one instead of just restating my Team Hopelessly Overcommitted goal. Truly overcominting myself. But those goals had no finish just a start and I felt like it was important that the Team All Spun Up goal need to be, well all spun up at the end.

Goals for Team Hopelessly Overcommitted:
silk for a handwoven scarf
cotton for a bath towel
silk for a knitted lace shawl

Team All Spun Up
I have 5 bobbins and right now on each bobbin is a different fiber/project. My goal is get as many of the 5 all spun up so I can have my bobbins back. It’s making plying impossible.

An unstated goal is to spin a sweaters worth of yarn too. But that falls under such an extreme level of warping space and time that I am embarrassed to say in a public thread that I am thinking of doing that too. So instead I will say it here on my public blog.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tour De Fleece

I just joined Team Hopelessly Overcommitted on ravelry as an excuse to get the projects done that I have spinning around in my head since coming back from Midwest. I'll post more when the photos are ready.

I am also walking to Rivendell this summer. I am already at 32 miles and I am 4 miles passed Black Rider Stopping Place.

The other two ran quickly to the left and down into a little hollow not far from the road. There they lay flat. Frodo hesitated for a second: curiosity or some other feeling was struggling with his desire to hide. The sound of hoofs drew nearer. Just in time he threw himself down in a patch of long grass behind a tree that overshadowed the road. Then he lifted his head and peered cautiously above one of the great roots.

A Little Note to Myself

Whenever I go to the weaving conference I always forget three things.

1. Bathrobe: it's because I don't own one, but I need one to walk to the dorm showers. Getting back into denim while damp is very distressing. Points if it's handwoven. Extra points if the yarn is hand spun.

2. Clock: the stress of over sleeping and missing my class has me at the mess hall at 5:45am. It doesn't open until 7:15.

4. Fan: luckily I didn't need it this time although there was a scare. Then it occurred to me that every fan I own was bought around midnight at a drugstore while at the weaving convention. Next time just bring the fan.

About the AC scare, when we moved into the dorms it wasn't working. It was fixed but it was much too much. My locked thermostat was set to 50F and my room was 65F the whole 5 days. I don't believe that cold makes people sick but a constantly running AC unit might. I am not doing so great today.

It appears that I am not too bright. After suffering for 2 days the woman across the hall told me she had stuffed her dirty laundry and all her shopping into the vents. That helped a whole bunch when I did it too.

My bed had real wool blankets. I seem to be the only person that thinks real wool blankets provided by a dorm is cool, even at a weaving and spinning convention.

Monday, June 22, 2009

#14 Pure Cardigan

I've been putting off this post because I want to give this baby sweater the description it deserves. However, I am on my way to Midwest this week and it's now-or-never so this is the short and dirty version.

This is the Pure Cardigan from Weekend Knitting. I used Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in two colors from the 75% sale bin since there wasn't enough of any one color to do anything.

The color blocks are my own but they are strongly influenced by the same sweater on display at The Studio where that knitter had run out of yarn too. Or just wanted to spice it up a bit, I am unclear about that.

The rustic wood buttons are just right for the hemp/cotton yarn. I also enjoyed the big and intentionally messy whip stitch I used to sew it together. I think it adds to the ragamuffin charm of the piece.

While I know several women that want this sweater, and some of them are even expecting, this one falls under the too sweet to give away. It will now have to marinate in the baby sweater stash for a few years before I can gift it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elizabeth Came to Tea

I was at the library and there on the shelf right with the knitting books was this DVD set. Yes, that is Elizabeth Zimmermann herself. In celebration of finally getting to invite her into my living room for tea I abandoned the cabled baby sweater and started an EPS sweater. I cast on thinking it would be a ski sweater but waffle and it maybe a Cousin Nalgar. I won't have to choose until I reach the chest. I have it listed as a Nalgar on Ravelry so we will see.

It's being knit out of Briggs and Little wool. I love that wool. So crunchy and rustic and it knits up fast. Because it's a strong wool and not baby soft I am knitting an oversized sweater to keep me warn next winter over many layers of clothes. I am taken with the way the heathered yarn in sage green moves from silver to black and back to silver again. I also enjoy how this yarn wears a grove in my finger after only a few hours of knitting.

Project #13 is finished. A nice set of plain ribbed socks. More yarn I dyed at KAWS. I am very pleased with how they came out. Everything from the bright mottled colors to the way the thick yarn (Henry's Attic Kona) holds a strong rib and so fast to knit.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Project #12

Rain, rain, and more rain, but between the showers I have been walking 3 to 4 miles a day for a few days now.

It's crazy how much my hip hurts after the second mile but I walk anyway. Joey likes it, I like it too. We see fields of wildflowers, grazing deer, and exotic birds, well woodpeckers at least.
The trail is along a creek so there are waterfalls and rapids and with each rain it tries to jump the bank.

Hand spun yarn dyed at the KAWS dye day. Knit up in a few hours of chatting with friends at Knitting. Pattern made up as I went along. I am pleased with how they turned out.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fast Cars and Slow Knits

So on Saturday (last Saturday, not yesterday) I went to a Corvette Rally and watched some autocross racing.

The starting line.

I just love the skyline in the background. What a great place to live. The drive out to the event was fantastic with rolling hills, light green fields, dark green trees, and a sky so big it takes one breath away.

Someone can't wait to grow up and drive fast like his uncle.

And my knitting; Cast onto the size 3 needles I freeded up. Anybody surprised? I'm not. A child’s cabled sweater knit out of Cotton Fleece. The pattern is Nanna from Best of Lopi. This is not a simple knit and requires concentration. Oh, it's easy enough but it is not simple.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mopping up the knitting mess

Last semester was a little rough and the week built in intensity until it cumulated Thursday night at 10pm when I was released for my weekend. When I got home late Thursday night I had a problem unwinding enough to sleep. As in I did not sleep on Thursday nights. Instead I turned on the TV and while Scrubs played in the background I cast on a new project. With Joey beside me in the chair I knitted until I was calm enough to sleep. Some days that was as the sun came up. Those projects got a little more knitting time Saturday night when I watched Legend of the Seeker and then CSI Miami, and again Sunday morning while I listened to This American Life. After that my week was in full force again and the project got tossed into a basket.

This basket.

Yes, these are the projects all started on a Thursday night with little thought of gauge, needles, wear ability, or anything. I just needed to knit to calm my mind and to make me tired. Or rather to make me sleepy since I was always exhausted.

I decided it was time to tackle the basket when I found I couldn't start any new projects from the lack of free needles.

This pile is just fine and the ones that are almost done. I can get these needles back with just some concentrated effort. Also they are the needles I want most. So this is the pile I need to be picking my summer knitting from.

This pile has problems. I ran out of yarn, I no longer like the project, or something is horibly wrong.Better. I now have some #3 neeldes again and my sock needles too. And some unhappy projects are once again happy yarn.

The problem pile now looks like this. 3 knits are worth saving and just need mistakes ripped out and fixed. Much better and the basket is now 5 projects lighter. I forgot to count how many are in there. It's better not to know.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Project 11

The zina's are growing well.

Bella Mittens inspired by the Twilight movie. I have neither read the book or seen the movie but when I saw the pattern I had to make them.

I pulled out 8oz of yarn spun from Spinderella fiber. I love her fiber for spinning tweed yarns. That is yarn I spun back when I was new to spinning bulky. This yarn has sat for years since it is not the lofty bulky knitting yarn we are used to. No, this yarn is so dense that it is really only suitable for knitting a yurt. I wanted to knit a vest from it but mittens seemed a better choice.

Joey's paw for size.

I think I have enough yarn left to knit a matching hat.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Senior Show

I've been quiet lately. It's been extra rough, with more than the average amount of unpleasantness this spring but I don't want to talk about it and you for sure don't want to hear about it. However, writing posts that are all sugar and cream feels false so I have kept away.
But many fantastic things have happened too and they need their time.

My Senior Show* was well attended and I had many friends come to wish me well. That means so much to me. My knitting friends brought me flowers. Aren't they spectacular?

While the flowers were already so much more than I was expecting I also received cards and a gift card to my LYS. With it I bought my first Noro. I love it. While showcasing gifts lets move back in time to my Birthday. I got a coat worth of yarn and a wheat free baking cookbook. All much appreciated. Thank You all. You mean so much to me.

*Senior Show should mean that I am all graduated with a degree and everything. But the school computer blocked me so I can't log on and check my grades and my degree still hasn't come in the mail...hmmmm.....