Monday, January 17, 2005


It’s sort of a blaa day today. A paid day off and I’m not motivated to do anything. I did spin for an hour this morning along with going through my stash for tomorrows Shop and Swap. It turns out that I’m too emotionally attached to my yarn to get rid of much. I went in with good intentions of doing a slash and burn. Instead I dusted the shelves, rearranged the balls and put all but the most hideous back. The yarn I am willing to get rid of is so ugly that I can’t put a price on it. I think it is all yarn I got free at a Swap & Shop when I was a new weaver.

On the knitting front- I started the aran sweater but disliked the back and forth knitting. I pulled it off the needles to knit it in the round. However, since it was the same set of needles to finish my odds and ends vest I went back to work on that instead. All I have left is the neckline and armhole ribbing. With some work I could finish tonight. I will then be down to two unfinished sweaters and one hat. 3 UFOs! That number is so low I may decide to keep up the trend and finish them all before moving on. Or back to that aran. We will see when the time comes.

Spinning has been on hold. However, this morning I plied up some odds and ends. The now finished skeins of yarn will be easier to store than the energized balls of singles. I have a few more to go before I’m finished. I think I may work on that this afternoon during the news.

Weaving has been on a bigger hold than the spinning. I finally decided what I want to do with the wool tweed for my Siberian parka. I’ll weave it on the larger table loom, hopefully in a hounds tooth pattern. However, the table loom came with a project already on it and the floor loom still sits empty. The last thing I wove on it was handspun so up next needs to be commercial yarn and cotton too since that is what I have so much of in my stash. I could use some towels to match my kitchen. I have been living here for two years now and still using my perfectly functional old towels. However, the late 80’s colors of teal, burgundy, sage, and pink aren’t quite right in the 70’s brown and gold kitchen I have now. I’ll think on it for a while and see if any inspiration hits.

Well at lest I have one thing finished today. It’s only 1:00 and already supper is done. Tonight Himself and I will be dining on home made hummus and fresh baked wheat bread. It may be time for me to go take a nap.

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