Monday, August 08, 2005

the plying that never ends....

What a busy week. I had out of town friends visit for the weekend so I mostly cleaned house then had fun with friends. However, I did get some knitting done and am now working on the second front of child hood. I also tucked the end into a toddler and a baby sweater. While they were off the needles many months ago they are finally done. Right now I’m looking for a nice baby bunting pattern.

The plying of that cotton linen tensile blend took longer than I thought. I can usually ply 2 bobbins worth in an hour of my wool yarn. This was so much thinner it took me 3 days; I think about 5 hours just to ply 4 oz of yarn. However, yesterday I finally finished and I’m now happily spinning the cotton.

Weaving is on hold. I am thinking of buying a new reed and heddles this week so I can weave a color gamp. After all I have been weaving for 9 years now and I think that if a color gamp is completed by the 10th year you are drummed out of weaving groups. It’s something that beginners make and they do look pretty cool hanging on the studio wall.

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