Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Years

Yesterday, I finally made my new years resolutions. The first one is to blog more. What brought this on? Why the knitting olympics knitting olympics of course. I am going to participate. I'm not sure I'm going to actually join since I won't be knitting, I'm going to be spinning. That's right during the winter olympics I'm going to run a marathon... No wait not in the snow... Cross country sking. I'm going to spin enough 3 ply worsted weight yarn to make a mans sized cabled sweater. This with some changes. It will take spinning 2+ oz a night but I can do it.

So I have 2 months to catch up on. In short we moved from the farm to the city. That's right Chicago. The land of deep dish pizza, art museums, and the yarn store. I have already visited 3 within 5 miles of my home. I have found address for 2 more. If I'm willing to up that drive to 10 miles there are at least 2 more. This is not counting Joann's or Michael's. Lets just say I'm in yarn shopping heaven.

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