Thursday, August 17, 2006


I’m in the process of moving. The problem is it’s two weeks to go and I don’t know where I’m moving to. It’s two days to go until I find out. The pressure is getting to me. I’m not spending as much time packing as I should but I have knit 2 socks. Not matching socks mind you. For the first time ever I may be dangerously close to suffering SSS.

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GIA said...

How are you ?
I just saw you moved to KC - I did abut 2 yrs ago, and soon will move to somewhere, and I DONT KNOW WHERE ... sound familar?

I can you want tpo chat sometime? I know its hard to get to know KC, and the ppl here are hard to get to know too - dependng on your age and what you do fo rfun.

Anyway - write if you like..
heres my blog;