Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just Dropping In

Summer classes are taking every second of my time. I have no time to knit, I have no time to cook, just no time. But I did find the time to read all of the Harry Potter books again. The buzz made me do it, even though I always wait for the paperback to come out. Yes, that is about a year, and yes, the wait is hard.

I haven't cooked or bought food since the last time I mentioned it. I have been out of town a bit but still the food I had lasted me about forever. Maybe because I'm spending about 11 hours a day on campus and I forget to eat lunch most days. That is very unlike me but I'm in a dark room (literally, I'm taking photography) and I loose complete track of time until I'm kicked out at 6pm and have to go right to my night class. I grab a bag of M&M and that's my lunch/supper for the day.

This morning deciding that if all I was going to eat was M&M at least I should buy them in a big bag instead of dropping 75 cents into the vending machine I got up at 7am to go shopping before the photo lab opened. I spent $22 and something cents and while it's not real food (no cooking needed) it will get me through the week and maybe next week too if I don’t have the time to go shopping during finals. However, it doesn't seem worthwhile to take photos or yogurt, cheese, frozen burritos, trail mix, soy milk, and fruit juice popsicles. But it's so hot in my apartment that nothing else sounds appealing and all of that I can throw in my bag and eat on campus too.

Knitting is in the same boat. I have absolutely no time to knit. So instead of knitting I'm starting. It only takes 20 min to start a project after all. I have started mittens, two pairs of socks (I put a pair of socks onto string so I could use the needles. I have that many sock WIPS right now), a shawl, arm warmers, and a sweater. There are only two weeks left of summer school. The thought of that actually leave me week and gasping. I haven't even started on my 15min presentation yet. Anyway, in two weeks I should be able to finish the sweater and maybe unravel the other started projects and get back into really knitting again.

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needlefingers said...

I feel your pain. I have a 15-20 page paper due July 26, then I'm free, free, free!!!!

And I'm going to *try* not to read Harry Potter until it's done. Whimper.