Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Old and the New

For the most part I don’t reflect too much over the old year or make resolutions for the new. But a few things of happened this year that are worth noting.

Joey: a year ago I called a halt to his cancer treatment after 2 rounds of chemo didn’t eradicate it. He had been on the chemo drugs for 6 month and I felt that putting him though any more would be cruel. The next step was amputation of his back leg and radiation. I stopped all drugs, all treatment, and expected him to last another 3 month. He is still with me today and feeling much better than he did during treatment. The tumor is still there and is still growing but I have hope that he will make it another year.

School: That has gone better than I ever could have hoped. For the new year I want the same success and for it to pay off. A job would be nice. Finishing off the program instead would be nice too. With my being satisfied with either option it should make it easer to be happy with my choices this time next year.

Self Image: I’ve been told a few times in the last year that I’m looking good. That was very nice and they are right. But looking in the mirror I wish I had arm muscles. Strong arms capable of doing anything, especially wearing sleeveless tops. That’s the motivation; the reaction is I’m looking for a yoga or aerobics class to join. I realize that for what I want I would be best served by lifting weights. I've already found and discarded classes for that. I’m full of contradictions that way.

Knitting: I was able to knit 5 sweaters this fall and 3 of them fit great. Really, really great. I am very pleased with myself and my hope in the New Year is to rival those successes. Right now I’m in a slump. Oh, I’ve started and finished a pair of socks in 2008 all ready but I don’t have any passion* about starting any new projects. I suspect that I’ll keep knitting socks until something grabs me. And as much as I need new socks I hope it doesn’t take long.

*In the time between writting and posting I've cast on for a sweater. The slump didn't last long.

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