Sunday, November 27, 2011


As is known by now, Ashpags and I got together on TARDIS day to exchange our low-key swap boxes. While I handed over a mediumish box she passed me a smallish blue bag that is so much bigger on the inside.

It started with local coffee.

Banana socks and Ashpag made me a Corn Bag in a soft flannel. Corn Bag, what a strange name. It should actually be called Microwaved Awesomeness. I’ll be using this in bed at night. My place is sooooo cold.

Yarn nail file and the cutest little mini China Glaze nail polish!!!. China Glaze is my favorite. It’s to the point that when I bring up China Glaze is my favorite everyone answers “I KNOW” this is IRL too

Ashpags made me stitch markers. They are so very sweet.

I think Ashpags requested this colorway be made just for me. She will have to tell the story since I’m a little blurry on the details. It is so stunningly beautiful I was having a hard time catching my breath and maybe forgot to listen.

A project bag for the yarn. It’s lined and everything. I’m super impressed with the sewing. Super impressed!

A pattern from my queue to be the project. As if. Maybe in a year or three when “Donna Noble Has Left The Library” stops being trophy yarn. It is too perfect to use right away. In the meantime I’ve already knit one mitt from it in stash yarn.

Ashpags made the cards. She even MADE THE STICKERS! How cool is that?

Rose’s Doomsday mitts. I love them so much I’m never taking them off. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are brilliant!

The most squeezable Adipose ever. I made him a pair of Rose’s Doomsday mitts so he can be a Mini Me. I knit them at work. Everyone thought He, Me, My Mitts, and the mitts I was knitting was too cute.

While all the contents can be compacted into a smallish space this is not a low-key gift. This is the most thought out, skilfully assembled, wonderful, perfect, touching TARDIS Day box ever. It’s MAGNIFICENT.

Thank you Ashpags. I love it!

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