Saturday, June 09, 2012

Clouds in My Coffee

Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air 
and feather crayons everywhere I've looked at clouds that way

I'm on my way to pick up the keys to my apartment. This is it.The cusp. The sweet spot. The last moment when dreams about the apartment end and the reality begins.

I despise white walls and yet again I'm renting an apartment so I can't paint. I've grown and moved on from the paintings I made in college. I want to hang new work in the living room.  I want to paint a triptych mural of clouds and hang my black and white cloud photos between.

I've thought of several ways to make and move a mural size painting. Some of them even good ways but with my career and the running of the Midwestern Weaving Convention 2013 I don't see any of them actually getting done.

Throw in that I've dedicated 2012 to using what I have I've come up with a more realistic plan. I have all the squares left from my woodcut printing. I needed 4 for class but I had to buy a sheet of teak paneling so I have at least 10 left. I'll paint clouds on them or even just pain them solid colors in shades of the sky and hang them among photos. This way I can add color photos too.

None of my living room furniture is in any shape to make the move. So I'm going with the Japanese styling for right now. Not things from Japan but the empty rooms with a few great pieces and the use of floor seating. But with brighter colors and maybe a little of 60 kitsch. This photo sums up what I'm going for

I'll knit great lush floor pillows and puffs. Maybe even crochet granny squares. Or I'll finally pull my sewing machine out of the box and sew some seating pads. I'll even weave the fabric from plastic grocery bags. I felt some at KAWS and it's wonderful. I'll pick up a chair and recover it like the photo. Maybe even knitting a slip cover! and I'LL DO IT ALL FOR $15!

It's clouds illusions I recall

I leave in 20 min. The dream has 45 min to go and then it's over and reality sets in.

Cotton yarn- in this year of using what I have I went to deep stash. I've been hoarding this yarn as too special to knit. It's Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, the original spinning. Like all nice cotton knitting yarn it's more expensive than gold. I wasn't able to buy anymore that one baby sweater worth until it discontinued. Once it hit the sale bins I snatched up what balls I could find.

Because of that, I have random balls of random colors. I'm finally allowing myself to knit it up. This is the only yarn I haven't packed and I don't know how long it will take me to get everything arranged and unpacked. This might be my only knitting for a while.

Well, except for my knitting in my desk at work.... oh, and my car knitting.... right, and the project in my purse... and my other purse.

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