Monday, April 29, 2013


I almost missed posting my thank you for the Big Bang Theory swap box. Which is crazy since I was excited as Sheldon at the comic book store.

 Lets open it!

 so I can learn to do magic tricks like Howard.

 a puzzle to keep my brain sharp

an incredible Doppler effect scarf. Go on, make the noise with you mouth, you know you want to. eeeeerrroommmmm. I love the colors. They are perfect.

 Really great candy. It’s wonderful and my favorite. There is not much better than dark chocolate and caramel…

 …except yarn. I love the yarn. It’s my favorite colors and not only has the show catch phrase but the label is covered with equations. I had no idea this yarn existed!

One moment.

 Photo shoot inspection.



 Apparently I was given a light up cat toy. I don’t think that was the exact plan but Sumi-e really really loves it. Thank you.

ok. slightly beat up duck is back for the photo shoot.

Gag toothpaste spill to get Sheldon.
Spider Man hand sanitizer for Stan Lee to autograph and then to sanitize from all the germs from shaking his hand.
Thor’s towel from when Raj dressed up as Thor. I can’t wait to see how big the towel gets.
Howard’s rocket ship and glow in the dark shooting stars. That episode with the meteoroid shower is an all time favorite of mine. I love it! Thank you.

felt buttons, handmade stitch markers, and a really cool measuring tape. I love them.

Thank you, eternalpeacealone, for the fantastic swap box. It’s wonderful.

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