Sunday, July 14, 2013


A HUGE Thank You to raisedbywoolves the most EPIC spoiler of the Joss Whedon Swap

I’m now going to wear the !!! key out because there is no other way to fully express my excitement at getting this package.

 Look at the wrapping! Look at the QUOTES! Look at the YARN! That yarn is WOOL AND SILK in my FAVORITE COLOR EVER! I just sat and looked at the pile a while before opening it’s so pretty. I’ll pause while you read the quotes and place the episodes.

 I put the dinosaur in my desert garden.

And then I went back to squooshing the packages. Lets start with the squooshest. The quote is “Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes.”
 It’s SO CUTE! And that is the BEST MAGNET EVER! They are for my desk at work where I have a bunny thing going… Don’t ask..  Thank you, raisedbywoolves, I love them! That magnet makes my bunny thing in my cube even better.

 Next was the quote (as best as I can tell from the photo. My first and second present I was a little over excited and didn’t save the quotes like I should as I tore into them like a demon) “I don’t get it. Aren’t they supposed to make you immature and stuff, but I ate a ton and I don’t feel any dif- never mind.”

It’s MILKBAR BAND CANDY! with the wrappers and everything!!!  Raisedbywoolves just won the swap right there. That is so amazing. The inside is all free trade and yummy and I’ve eaten two and I don’t feel any dif- yeah, never mind.

Such elegant stitch markers. I love how subtly this draws from Buffy and they are so very pretty and my favorite snag free kind. Raisedbywoolves did a wonderful job making them.

SPIKES NAIL POLISH! Ok, so nail polish is a little thing but I squeeeeeeeeeeeeed when I opened this. First, it’s Spike! Second, it’s nail polish! Third, it’s nail polish like Spike wears! Fourth, it’s water based with no nasty chemical and no smell and one site even said it’s organic! Fifth, it’s made in Canada so local to raisedbywoolves and a brand I’ve never seen before, that is so cool. Sixth, the brand is Suncoat which I find funny because Spike…Sun…Coat…

I’m wearing it now but I forgot to take photos. It’s a matt finish just like Spike and very punk. Being water based the texture is different and I can’t even feel that I’m wearing it. I have issues with some brands of nail polish making my fingers feel heavy and trapped, this doesn’t do that. I suspect that  raisedbywoolves knows that since she stalked me so well.

This was a HUGE package. Do read the quote. I had to watch that episode again tonight night. Giles mentioned his life flashing before his eyes and Spike sums it up for him…. "cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea"… I love this show.

But inside the package, WOWZA! LOOK AT THOSE MUGS! I’m keeping the “Shiny” one at home for my morning coffee because it’s so perky and I’m taking the “Bored Now” to work because that is funny on every level. I love it SO MUCH!  Raisedbywoolves commissioned them made just for ME! Because she is that kind of EPIC spoiler.

And if it wasn’t enough (and seriously it was enough back at the Band Candy) she gifted me this pattern,Earl Grey Mitts.

People, raisedbywoolves, sent me woolwash and mustard!
That is so freaking amazing, I can’t even…

I about cried when I opened this one. Raisedbywoolves dyed yarn just for me! And she didn’t just dye yarn but see how one of them is Malabrigo? Who dyes over Malabrigo? “It’s the PAX” is the red and the color of dried blood and how the Reavers came to be. And look at the sock yarn “Crushed in Serenity Valley”. That is so depressing and wonderful and perfect and amazing and so Joss and most importantly so ME.

Raisedbywoolves, you nailed this and it’s my favorite yarn of all time, ever. Right there with onemilljellybeans dyeing me self-striping sock yarn for the Doctor Who swap in 2011. It’s that epic and perfect and I love it and at this point I’m crushing pretty hard on you too. You are AMAZING!
“I like books. I just don’t want to take on too much. Do they have an introduction to the modern blurb?”

I mentioned wanting Float Out and raisedbywoolves got it for me. She is that kind of spoiler. Thank you. It’s wonderful and everything I hoped it would be.

However, the super secret surprise is the Spike comic. I didn’t even know this existed and one of the main characters is a talking BETTA FISH and Angel is so brooding and unimportant and the TWINKLE book and movie series with the glittering vampires is written by Spikes Ex-girlfriend and Dru and so much more. I laughed until I cried. I love it and I now have to read them all. Also? They are so short. Modern blurb is right.

And what a package. Raisedbywoolves, it’s been at least a week since I’ve last mentioned how amazing this swap has been and that you are just amazing. Your handmades? Super amazing!
In dedication to Wash a crescent shawl in my very favorite color in a wool silk blend. It’s gorgeous and the leaf motifs are so crisp and perfect. I can tell she took great care in getting it just right. I love it and I’ve already worn it to work twice.

On the outside of the package was that cute DAMN YOU JOSS button. Sums up my feeling perfectly.

Inara inspired bag with a gold lotus blossom design and it’s lined too! And LOOK at that measuring tape! Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? And it’s MAGNETIC! That. That right there is the most perfect measuring tape of all time.

Because I have the worst internet connection I missed out on Doctor Horrible when it was released and I never got around to buying it myself. Well, Raisedbywoolves fixed that and sent me my very own DVD.

And hand warmers that I’ll wear every time I watch Doctor Horrible and all the times between. I love the buttons! They took hours to sew on didn’t they? 14 buttons would have done me in. I’m in awe. The stripes are so much fun and they fit just right too.

It just blows me away that you put so much time and effort into me. Thank you. You have made my month.

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