Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Runner 5

I'm having an incredible amount of fun!

But first a little back story;

My work is doing a restructure from two paychecks a month to paying every other Friday.

I am not happy about this. Nobody is happy about this. Not only is it a 12% monthly pay cut that could be in my account now instead of waiting for July with the "extra" paycheck. Not only that, and that is enough, but not only that, this January the first pay check is for 6 days and the next one is for 10. I'm being paid for 16 days, and not 21, at at a 12% decrease. Not happy is too mild a term for what I am feeling about this.

So this January I'm laying siege. I'm not going anyplace, I'm not buying anything, I'm eating down everything in my freezer and cupboard to put off grocery shopping as long as possible. 19 days in and the only thing I've bought this month is cat food. Cat food and Zombies, RUN!

Zombies, RUN! is a running app that interrupts your music playlist with an audio story of a zombie invasion. It gives missions to follow complete with the zombie horde breathing down your neck. As a non runner I went with the couch to K5 version. I'm new to my phone and after two hours of trying to make it talk to my computer I gave up and purchased a few songs to build a playlist. I chose a handful of songs on theme, songs like Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. It all came in costing less a fast food meal.

And it is FUN. Amazing stupid fun. The most fun is the intro that comes from the regular version so I can't wait to graduate from K5 running camp and upgrade. Finn and I have been out "running" in the snow and in freezing weather. On days we would have done nothing we are out and having a blast. (I say "running" because Week 1 has a few 15 second busts and all the rest is walking.)

One week down and seven more to go. As soon as I finish my coffee with cinnamon and brown sugar (I'm out of cream, milk, and white sugar but turns out this coffee combination is a treat) Finn and I will hit the streets for today's training run.
Nothing to do with nothing; but we see so many dead squirrels smooshed flat on the sidewalks. Instead of posting photos of them I will be delicate and post one of Finn's favorite toys instead. A  replacement since I won't let him bring one of the real flat squirrels home. He tries. Oh, he tries. But so far I'm still winning the battle.

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Needlefingers said...

Hey, I've just started doing the Zombies, Run! missions, too! Although in my case, it's closer to Zombies, Walk until You Feel Like Your Hip Is Going to Dislocate.