Wednesday, May 04, 2016

100 Days

As I logged into my phone to enter my breakfast I received an alert that today is my 100th day. It's also the last week of the 'Amazing Race' fitness challenge so seemed a good day to do a check in.

Photos taken September 2015 when I realized I would be walking Finn 40+ minutes a day. I thought the increased activity would have to make a difference. Ha! Not even a little. It wasn't until I started tracking my eating in January 26th, 2016 that changes started happening.

March 1st I reached my high school graduation weight (my highest weight until recently)
April 8th and down to what I weighed in my 30s

Photos from April 16th when I reached what I weighed in 8th grade.

Today, May 4th, I'm down another 3 lbs and match my college weight.

Next goal is 3 lbs away and what I weighed the semester in college that I had mono, and the lowest I've been in my adult life. I can't imagine beyond that.

I'm amazed at how simple it has been (simple doesn't mean easy). I'm using the free app My Fitness Pal and it feels like a combination game and science research project. When my body tells me it's  hungry (I'm always hungry and always have been, all the time all my life) I can look at my day and go  "poor baby of course you're hungry. Let go eat right now"... or "you know, that is the right amount of food to fuel the day and breakfast is soon enough."...and even "the amount of food eaten today is reaching crazyville and enough to live off of for half a week! Stop being a jerk." I find it very powerful to know and not guess and seeing it on a graph makes me happy.

The best part or reaching the weight I was in my 20s is I feel like I'm 20. My knees have stopped hurting, I love going out to play, everything is just so much FUN! I wasn't expecting this. 

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