Monday, November 08, 2004


My compute has been kaput for the last couple of weeks. I have been lucky on the day’s it would let me read my e-mail much less compose an entry. However, I have kept busy through it all.

Spinning I finished the black angora. I didn’t like the sample yarn plied back on it’s self so I plied it with a finely spun silk thread. I love the squiggly texture that made. Now I just have to decide on the boarder for the alpaca poncho. I also finished spinning all of the natural cotton, lyconell, and linen fiber. Now to spin up the equal amount of the same blend in bleached white. I’ll then ply those two together. However, I needed a break from that so I am well into 4 oz of Ingio a fiber made from corn. I don’t know how they do it but it smooth like silk, bright white like angora, and it smells like corn syrup. I’m spinning it fine but don’t know what I will make out of it. Do I want clothing that smells like corn syrup?

Weaving- My loom is empty. I finished the weaving of the pink poncho and the Christmas scarf. Both need to be finished and washed before they are done but that can wait. I received my patterns in the mail and will start the yardage for a hooded jacket one of these days. It’s on the back burner since the widest piece in the pattern is wider than my loom. Now I wait to see if I get that table loom for Christmas. Oh I think I am. How exciting. And Himself was eager to strike the deal of my getting another loom the next time he gets a top of the line gaming computer. So it may be possible for me to have 3 looms by this time next year. O JOY!

Knitting. Of course that gray poncho is on hold while I decide the perfect boarder. All sweaters for me are on hold until after Christmas. For Christmas I have a list the length of my arm. We will see what gets done. In the mean time instead of Christmas knitting I am making a child Gausy sweater. Only one more sleeve to go. However, I don’t know any children. I will just have to wait until one of the babies in my life grows up. This sweated is wonderful and now I will know what I’m doing when I want to knit an adult size.

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