Monday, November 29, 2004

Nothing New

Everything is about the same since I last posted. The loom is still empty and will stay that way. I still have to decide on the pattern I want to use. I’m going to need to weave about 9 yards. Do I want to wrestle with a design for that long? Do I want to have the whole thing in plain weave? Twill? I do like the idea of pen stripes so I have considered log cabin. I think I will leave all of this until after Christmas.

Knitting is going. I finished the splattered socks and am now working on a pair in a blue and gray rag yarn. It’s going pretty fast. We just bought 2 seasons of Far Scape and have spent several days camped out watching. Since I want to give it a bit more of my attention than I give to regular movies knitting is working better than spinning.

I did finish the blue sock yarn on my wheel and am now spinning 4oz of alpaca silk blend. This is to be a Christmas present. One of the few that must be completed. It will be an aran wimple if all goes well. If all goes supper well it will have matching gauntlets. In case you were wondering gauntlets are supper fancy fingerless gloves that go up the arm. However, I don’t know if 4 ounces will be enough to make the set. I really hope that I will have enough just to make the wimple.

I will be placing an order today. Really I don’t order from yarn shops weekly. Or at least I don’t think I do. I suppose I should start keeping track. After discussing it with Himself about what to make his father I have to buy some yarn. I pushed for socks so I could stay on my yarn diet but he thought socks weren’t cool enough and really wanted the fingerless gloves I had mentioned earlier. Socks not romantic enough? Just wait! This year all my hand knit sock are getting speshal packaging that will humble all recipients. However, Himself doesn’t see it or at least hasn’t seen it yet and wants the gloves. So today I will be buying the yarn for that. After many hours of looking and listing I have my order to that yarn only- it was very hard to keep others from joining it, 4 aran sweater patters to make his and her sweater from some yarn I bought last summer, and some large knitting needles to knit my first handspun yarn into a hat. So all and all it looks like I have been very good on my yarn diet doesn’t it? Just a bit of new yarn that will be immediately used up and worked off not to join the stash? Not quite. This is more like himself asking that I make 5 pounds of fudge for the office party and only taking one of it with him and leaving the rest for me to eat. The fingerless gloves will take a fraction of the hank it comes in. The rest will have to go into storage until I work it off.

Note. I just got off the phone with the yarn shop. They don’t carry the patterns I want. I will have to do more searching for a place that carries them, but not this week.

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