Monday, December 13, 2004

Just Checking In

Things are moving right along. I still have 2 Christmas presents that must be made. And I have 4 that are all the way finished. I also have a table full of items that are off the needles but still need the ends tucked in. I suspect that end tucking will take me all week.

Other than this glut of Christmas knitting I am still spinning. I just finished rainbow wool that I plied with purple merino wool. I had plenty of purple left so I spun that up and plied it with it’s self to be a complementary yarn. Now I am spinning a sock blend that I dyed myself. It’s a blend of super wash wool, mohair, and nylon. It’s supposed to be machine washable but I’m not so sure about the mohair. It’s also not as soft as I like but I guess that’s ok for socks. We will just have to see once it’s knitted. It is a stunning color way; red, golden yellow, forest green, and denim blue. It will be interesting to see it when it’s done.

That’s it for now. I really need to be knitting not typing. I will be glad once this is over since my hands are starting to ache at night.

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