Monday, December 06, 2004

Knitting for Christmas

Knitting for Christmas is coming right along. I have hade a few set backs. First that ugly hat and now a wonderfully thick and warm hat knit in variegated hand spun yarn in a men’s large. The variegated yarn with only a touch of pink knitted into a hat with 2 bold pink stripes. Possibly not the best option for a man’s hat. Now I’m working on another hat. This one is out of commercial yarn knitted with double thickness and will have a deer in a color-stranding pattern along the brim. Of course more socks are on the needles too. Did I say last time that the pink splattered ones are done?

I finished spinning a white alpaca and silk blend and just started on some bats I carded up from some leftover green and pink wool. I added a generous helping of flash so the yarn should glitter nicely when done. I think I will finish it tonight so I can wash it along with the alpaca silk.

I had thought the loom would stay empty for a few more months. However, I may try to dash off some bookmarks before Christmas. First I need to go to the quilt shop and see if they carry silk sewing thread. If not hopefully I can still find something nicer that the cotton polyester sold at walmart.
This post is pretty short but I got to get back to knitting. There is still so much more to finish. I really want to be done with all I have to make by Thursday.

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