Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From my SP

My SP Victoria is so nice. Lookie what I got. She sent me enough yarn not for one project, not 2 projects, but 6 projects. 6!!!! And to top it off the book 101 Designer One Skein Wonders . The yarn is fantastic, the colors are so me.I'm thinking of doing a thin scarf/belt using the recycled sari silk. I have lusted after that yarn for a few years now but never bought any. Thank you SP.The 2 balls of bamboo along with the navy in my stash (the colors look great together) I should have enough for a sweater! I'm knitting on that sweater right now. Photos later.
The large ball of mohair, I think I will make a feather and fan scarf. I can't think of a better use for it and there is a pattern in the book. And look at the raspberry colored roving. I'm going to spin it for mittens or knit mittens from roving. I have always wanted to try that.

I can't wait to use the green wool (from Estonia) in some color strand mittens, it seems so fitting. And the color is so much fun.

The KP Gossamer using one of the wrap patterns from the book. I love it.

And I must talk about that dog cookie. Joey actually mugged me as I walked into the door. His head was in the box and he got to the cookie faster than I could get to the yarn. And watching him eat it was a hoot. He completely blissed out and was rolling his eyes. It was like a cat with catnip. I have never seen anything like it

Thank you SP, you are the best!

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