Thursday, February 14, 2008


Let me unveil everything I have knit this year.

Flamingo by Opal

The Knock-Around Weekend Sweater

Gaunsey Socks

I've spun some merino

Knitting this yarn for the 3rd time

Look, I finished the 2007 car socks

The Puff Sleeved Sweater

After Needlefingers Green and Purple post. I love that post. I took a good hard look at my own knitting and noticed that everything I had knit in 2008 was pink, chocolate brown, or white. It seemed fitting to unveil it today. You can thank me for not pulling out and taking photos of my stash to could show that I could spend the rest of 2008 knitting only pink, brown, and white.

Needlefingers, how about sending me a skein of green and purple sock yarn to cleanse my palette? I have Bewitched soap and Blue Lotus lotion with your name on it. I would send you some pink yarn as trade but I know that would never do.

1 comment:

needlefingers said...

I don't know if I have any I can part with! :)

Oh, and we're getting ice. Lots of ice, and sleet, and snow. Gah.