Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 5

The Olympic baby sweaters are coming along

It turns out I am in love with CotLin by knit picks. I find the quality of their yarn to be hit or miss. This one was hit right out of the ball park. So silky, so machine washable, so light, I'll be making more baby sweaters out of it.

I am very pleased with this sweater vest too. It only takes 2 balls of Mission Falls cotton, my very favorite cotton yarn, and a touch of a third color. The pattern said I would need 2 balls of each color so I picked 2 colors I had several balls of. It turns out the other 2 balls are for the matching hat. I missed my chance to use up some of my single balls. However, I like it so much I will knit it again.

Lookie at that, a female squash blossom. My first squash.

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