Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer Olympics

July I spent knitting baby hats for Hats For Alex. They are draped over my herb garden planted the same day I cast on the first hat. Both crops are doing well. The Watch Cap in back is nestled in thyme. The two hats in the middle are supported by catnip and sage growing in the same pot. The large hat is smothering the Marjoram. My favorite hat with the ribbing and rolled brim is on the Greek Oregano, the empty spot left by the Golden Oregano clearly shows. It drowned in all the rain we had this summer. Finally the hat in the right corner is supported by rosemary. I could send them in now but I hope to knit a few pink hats. They would look nice with the basil plants.

My first tomato of the summer. I hope it ripens before first frost.

My summer and winter squash are growing fast. Three weeks ago they were mostly dead plants being sold a quarter a six pack. Or I should say a quarter a two pack. That mostly dead thing.

I have been gathering yarn for the Summer Olympics on Ravelry. I'm using stash yarn with the goal of knitting 5 baby sweaters. At first 5 seemed like a hard but completely doable amount. 17 days, 5 sweaters, if I knit a sweater every 3 days then i could take 2 day off. Easy Peasy.

In fact maybe too easy. Maybe I would have all five finished by Monday. What then? So I pulled out all of my stash yarn odds and ends. In that box there is enough to knit at least 10 baby sweaters.
However, on Ravlery all entries have to be filled out in advance. I stuck with five. A sweater every three days with two days off. It better to have a realistic plan. Even if it's large enough to make everyone I've told gasp. It is the Olympics.

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