Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Haven't Given Up (although signs say I should)

I'm still knitting on the Blue Gansey although things are stacked against me and this knit. One ball finished the front and back yoke and a nice rolled collar. That left me with 2 balls of yarn. One for each sleeve. That actualy gave me hope since they are nice big balls. Each ball knitted 4 inches of the sweater body. That's a lot of sweater body but there is a lot of sleeve to knit too. Looking at it that way one ball of yarn a sleeve is very little.

So I started the first sleeve knowing it would be close, but feeling good about my chances of not having a short sleeved sweater. But this yarn wasn't done with me yet. The ball is moth eaten. 2 inches down the sleeve and I already have 6 joins.

And before I am judged for having moths I will admit in my early spinning days years and years ago I did have moths, twice. But I have learned. And this yarn went through a lot before entering my stash. A closing yarn store. A few attics before mine. I feel confident that the yarn wasn't damaged in my care. Still, I am not pleased to be knitting with weak and breaking yarn. I do believe I am knitting an overly large, short sleeved, weak and breaking sweater. I just can't stop even though I know I should. Go back and look at the charming pattern. I am in love with the pattern.

Or look at a nice well behaved knit instead. Oak Ribbed Socks by Nancy Bush knit in Koigu.

Mmmm Koigu.

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