Sunday, October 26, 2008

What October Means to Me

For many October means football, Halloween decorating, or Sunday drives to look at the falling leaves. Not for me. For me October means righteous self discipline and personal suffering. For years now, at least 8 of them, on October first I turn off the AC and I don't turn on the heat until November 1st. I do the same in April. Although in April I have been know to cave and turn on the AC as my birthday present to me. But not October. October I can hang tough.So why do I do this? I could say it's because I enjoy breathing the fresh air from the open windows I don't experience the rest of the year in a closed up house, because I do. I could say I'm saving the environment, because I am. But I do it for a different kind of savings. A more personal one. But not running the AC or the Heat I cut my electric bill by 80%. Do you know how much 80% is? That's two sweaters worth of yarn.
This year I bought my little Joey an electric heating pad. I am ready to take this as far as I can, to go as long as I can. We have wool. We are ready. We can take it.

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needlefingers said...

Knitters can do anything!!!

(I probably shouldn't mention we already turned on our heat, but we had to, due to not wanting our company to be miserable)