Monday, December 22, 2008

The First Day of Winter

So I woke up yesterday and my apartment was 53F. I had made it to the first day of winter and I still hadn't reached 49F. As I stood next to my thermostat I spent some time wondering if my apartment was capable of reaching 49F. If I left the heat off all winter would I stay in the 50s even the 60s? After all it was 2F outside right that second with a wind-chill of something crazy like -30. I stood there thinking of the wonder of being able to afford my nonexistent heating bill and the power of only using the passive solar heat and knitted wool for the whole winter or even just to January 1st. Then I flipped on the heat and took my first comfortable shower in months.

Here is to turning it back off on the first day of spring.

1 comment:

needlefingers said...

That's either amazing, or downright crazy. :)

Either way, it's one heckuva achievement.