Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Really Cold Changes Every Day

When I first started this I was just going for the month of October, the same as every year. November started out warm so I kept going. Then it snowed but my apartment was still warm enough. I started out saying "the day it hits 58F inside I'm turning on the heat." That day came but the next day was going to be in the 70s again. I can take 58 if the next day is to be hot. This happened more than once. So soon instead of hitting 58 it was 57 and finally it became "I'm not turning on the heat until the first day of winter."

Well, it is 55F in the apartment today as it snows and snows outside. Well, Joey let me tell you we are going to make it until the first day of winter or until the house hits 49F. That is what really cold means. I'm sorry that Sumi-e is hogging your heater and won't share.

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