Sunday, June 06, 2010

Digging Up Golden Treasure

I took these photos back in March and had planned on posting then. It didn't happen. They desperately needed thinning and I spent much of the day helping to dig them up. Now seems a good time to pull out the parade.

small ones

long trumpeted ones
pale ones
white ones
flat ones
shallow ones
big ones
ruffled one

I missed getting photos of the early ones and the orange tipped ones. So that means we dug up no less than 10 kinds of daffodils today and now have a hand full of bulbs to replant.

Ok, ok, a hand full of hundreds. Well... maybe not 500 but more than 100. Each clump was well over 10 bulbs. And that's just out of one flower bed. There is the second bed that needs to be thinned too. Maybe tomorrow. I'm all done in tonight.

I also cast on for my 3rd pair of Thuja's yesterday and even with no knitting time I already turned the heel. Worsted weight socks are just so fast!

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