Sunday, June 20, 2010

Up, Up and Away

What a day. The morning I spent deep cleaning and the afternoon I spent doing heavy labor in the flower bed out front. Both places look great. I'm beat.

I'm still digging myself out of my last download of photos.

I come home from work one Friday to this!

Hot Air Balloons! Gardner had a festival so balloon chasing ensued.Finally close enough for some good photos.

Too close! They actually bumped.Look at the flame.

Driving around looking for more balloons.Found more!
And now there is only one.
Now none.

Much driving with no balloons in sight. At this point we gave up and were headed to Laurence for dinner. Then we saw a balloon. It was so exciting that I forgot to take photos. In following that balloon we found them all...

Landing in a field.Going for a closer look.
The baskets are both bigger and smaller than I would have imagined.

The heater coils are nothing like I could have imagined. Rolling up a balloon. They are actually forcing all the fabric through a small ring.
Watching the last one land and it's the first balloon we saw.
It collapses surprisingly fast.
Then very slowly.

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Lupie said...

Glad you found my group on Ravelry Lesser Known Skeins.I know you'll enjoy reading and commenting on all the amazing blogs. Your blog is great and I will be stopping by often.