Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who, Me?

The scarf is finished. It's a little short but I ran out of yarn. I have faith that it will lengthen with time. Long scarves always get longer with wearing. Or if I want to hurry it up when I wash it I can hang it to dry instead of laying it flat.

The fringe turned out great. It only took me about 5 do overs to get it even. Not bad. The cast off edge was more difficult than the cast on one. It kept on spreading a bit and the same fringe looked a bit thin on that side. I finally fixed it.

Making the fringe is Easy Peasy. I used one full skein of yarn for the tassels. I cut the skein in half (that’s 2 cuts). Divide each half into 9 equal groups. Evenly space the nine tassels along each end. Using a crochet hook make Lark’s Head Knots. That's it. But easy doesn't mean quick. See above about pulling it out and put it back in about 5 times. It's worth it.

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