Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Pithy Knitting

The lettuce I planted on Feb 1

Notice the bare spot in the center? Damn cat. I knew going in that I had a plant eater of a cat and yet I did nothing except to try to train him to leave it alone. That works about as well as that sounds. However, I've started feeding Sumi-e a little more in his food dish at night and the lettuce is bouncing back a little.

I'll camouflage the mowed down lettuce with a little more fan girl knitting.

It's Elizabeth Zimmermann's Very Warm hat. When I learned to knit I asked my instructor if I could only buy one book which would it be and she quickly answered Knitting Without Tears.

To this day I credit that book with teaching me how to think about knitting. If it doesn't look right it probably isn't. Have a cool idea? Well, do a gauge swatch and just knit it. Her patterns are always so simple and so brilliant and written so that any weight of yarn can be used.
I knit this hat using fingering weight yarn scraps. The black side is alpaca, the softest alpaca I've ever felt. The black is Henry's Attic Alpaca left from weaving a scarf. The color scraps were passed off to me by another knitter and the ball bands long gone. Since even the softest alpaca makes me itch the inside is Jojoland Melody.

I noticed a trend in my fan girl knitting as the month went on. Dr Who, Harry Potter, Elizabeth Zimmermann are all British. I like that my themes have developed themes.

Upward and onward into March.

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