Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mid Year Review

I'm writing my midyear review at work and what an unpleasant task. So I decided I should take on a quick fun review of life. A review of New Year's Resolutions.

1. Empty my storage unit. It took 6 months but it is done.done.done. Done after a trip or 3 this weekend to gather the last bit of debris and detritus. I said it was going to be hard. I didn't even know. Financially, emotionally, and logistically. Nothing ever goes smooth but I like having all my stuff available to me. With it locked away it felt like I was waiting for my life to begin again. I have books again. A loom in the living room again. It feels wonderful.

2. Be wound just right. I started strong. Jan, Feb, and March A+. April B. May c-. June F.

A month that involves paying overnight shipping for a deadline, staying up late and getting up early to finish knitting for a deadline, asking for an extension on another deadline. Taking 3 scissors with me to a conference; one in my purse, one in my totebag, and one in my suitcase and yet with my taking my purse and totebag with me everywhere I go, not once did I have scissors with me in a class that called for them on the supply list. Loosing every pen I touch, and writing a check for Two-fifty instead of two.50.

Pretty much to be expected with the work load I've taken on and I love it. Everything was dealt with and nothing bad happened but it's time to regroup. As much as I can with Midwest 2013 looming on the horizon.

It doesn't need to be said that Vestune is spilling over into other months. I did knit up 3 of the 8 balls of the Tailored Vest but it's going into time out since the knitting load in July is high enough without it.

3. Knit 6 pairs of work socks each to match it’s own particular work shirt 1 pair done

4. Knit 6 balls of stash sock yarn knit into anything 9 done

Not bad for 6 months.

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