Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pet Platypus

My Zoo Swap box came in the mail and look at what waddled out...

My very own Platypus!
Isn't he the cutest?
He came all the way from Idaho

First out was a skein of 100% recycled silk yarn. It's so pretty. The colors just glow.

Next out was a skein of hand dyed sock yarn in the colorway Playful Playtpus. Everything about this yarn is perfect. The colors are my favorites. It's a tonal variegation so will look great in a patterned sock. It has tweed flecks!!! A yarn couldn't be more perfect.

Next out was the spinning fiber. A fabulous pure white Corriedale. It's so clean with a nice crisp hand and beautiful crimp. It was the wonderful heady smell of clean wool. Soap and lanolin and sunshine and sheep. I'm just back from a 3 day spinning workshop and I can't wait to use what I learned on this fiber.
And the most wonderful, cuddly, sweetest, knit Platypus. I love him.

sheltiemama you nailed it. Everything is just right and so me. Thank you.

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