Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ethereal August

Christmas in July is over and all the knitting is super secret so nothing to show. I have a nice dent in the list but it isn't finished. There will be another big push in November.

Also, I maybe need to pair down my list of people I knit for. It just might be out of hand. 15 doesn't sound like too many until I'm actually working on the projects. I need to get it down to 10 or even 7 or learn to sew. People tell me sewing is faster.

Since July was about knitting for other people here is a project I can show. This is what I knit for my spoilee in the zoo swap.
It's Giraffe from Itty-Bitty Toys. Itty-Bitty Toys is the best knitting book I've run across this year. The patterns are easy, well written, and just fun to knit. The cute in that book is unbearable.

I knit the whole thing out of stash yarn. The body is Mission Falls 1824 cotton that I stocked up on the first time they went out of business. The hooves are Brown Sheep Cottonfleece I've had since about 2004. The spots and mane are Knit Picks Crayon and as such are just so soft and fuzzy and pettable.

The best part of the whole thing is he is bigger than Joey! That tickled me to no end as I knit.

Now onto Ethereal August. It's too hot to knit. It's really too hot to have a large project in my laps. So this month will be lace. Wispy, airy, little bits of nothing lace.

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