Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dismay, Irritation, and Avoidance

I admit that I've been avoiding the blog because last time I pushed a Try This button and the whole formatting changed on me. I quickly pressed the No Thanks button in bit of a panic. I do not have time for a learning curve right now even if it is New and Improved.

The behind the scenes where I compose is back the way it was but the layout of the display was gone forever. Gone the pretty heading, gone the margins with my favorites, gone the font of the banner and the most dismaying gone is the easy to read type and no way to get it back. This type is the best of a bad lot and the only thing going for it is the g is charming. Also, it took me an hour to clean up one of the templates to show the way it is now. They were all so messy and cluttered and didn't do a thing to knitting photos.

I needed time to get over my dismay and irritation and to forget the way it used to look. I came back today and it is acceptable. It needs a banner but that will have to wait for someday I'm crazy busy and I'm starting another three study courses at work right now. And when I say at work I really mean study at home for work.

However, I finished my first socks for Soctober. Not for work, not even for me, but done.
A pair of Christmas Gift Socks knit from my birthday yarn. Knit Picks Felici Sport in Garden Gate a really pretty color that isn't available any more. I cast on 48 stitches and knit a plane vanilla 2x2 ribbed sock. Vanilla with stripes is my favorite.

edit to add- there is one nice thing about the new layout. Click on the photo. Isn't that nice?

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