Sunday, October 02, 2011


Single Skein September is over and well done and it's time to move into Socktober.

Back in January I said

"So 6 pairs of work socks each to match it’s own particular work shirt. I think I can do this from stash but I’m not sure. It will be close.

So the other 6 projects will be anything out of sock yarn (even socks) just to knit down my sock stash so I can buy if I have too to meet the top goal."

My check in; 1 pair of work socks, 1 other pair of socks for me, 3 pair Christmas socks, 2 hats. So the 6 other projects are done and the works socks barely started.

It's time to get knitting on the socks, any socks, and maybe at the end of the month I'll go buy work shirts to match.

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