Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shakespeare Swap

On Saturday, the day before Easter, I received a small beat up box from the UK.

However, the inside was in pristine condition and everything packed in so tight it couldn't have shifted if it tried.

Wrapped packages kept coming out defying the amount of space in the box. I squeeeeeed when I saw the Easter bunny. The timing is perfect. Again I have to say Easter is even better as an adult. Last year was truffles and this year dark chocolate.

The yummy dark chocolate Easter Bunny posing with the hand crafted shawl pin. The stunning pin came in the mail in a separate box just the day before.

Next is a pencil pouch of the Globe including a pencil with William Shakespeare signature topped with a bust of his head. Reading the signature he has William correct but it looks like he spells his last name 3hwBljre in a handwriting that makes mine look tidy. I love that.

Looking over the pencil pouch they must be playing A Midsummer Night's Dream because on the stage is an actor in green dangling from a rope and one in yellow with an ass head.
Mmmmmmm. More Chocolate! That makes a total of 7 kinds of chocolate in this box. I think that's a record. I know I set a record eating it. The Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherries was especially good.

Magnets with Shakespearean insults on them! Those are going strait to work for the metal wall on my cube. I love them!

A beautiful hand knit wrap in a gorgeous red! Look at all that detail in the stitches!! Just stunning. It took me a while to recognize it as Brandywine Falls. I'm so touched by it. It's so very lovely and is perfect with the shawl pin.

Yarn! The color is Titania's Couch. A beautiful, hand dyed, tonally variegated, forest green BFL silk blend yarn. So very nice. I keep petting it.

Finlay, at tote stamped with the Globe Theater. I love the color. This is when my camera died. It wasn't until I was packing up to take everything inside that I noticed that was the back side of the tote.
The front! More A Midsummer Night's Dream goodness! I love it!!!

Thank you, Marama. What a spectacular package!

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