Monday, September 03, 2012


I just had my first checkup ever. I decided that I was probably old enough that I should have my cholesterol checked and everything else that comes with the blood work. Also, I live off of eggs, vegetables, and candy. After just a few years of being good for us, this summer eggs are now rated with poison with all the cholesterol again. I was a little worried about the candy and maybe being diabetic since I've had sweaty awful blood sugar attacks this summer too. The vegetable I know I'm doing right.

I'm quite pleased I had it done. I was given a 3 page print out with graphs that all show pretty green with one large red spike at the end.

My cholesterol is excellent. I'm not diabetic. The doctor said that I'm probably Hypoglycemics and just to eat small meals through out the day. I already eat the small meals but it was nice to have the doctor brush the attacks off as unpleasant but not worrisome and that I should just pay attention. He said we could do a glucose test and when it came back positivist he would tell me to eat small meals and pay attention. Ok. So we will skip the test.

Finally, he told me my Vitamin D was extremely low and he wrote a prescription for a supplement. He told me I could expect my lethargicness and poor sleep to improve. I never told him about my poor sleep or my low energy. I thought it was my normal. If it improves my vitamin D deficiency might be the best news of all.

Another thing that pleases me is my Bento Box and my egg molds. They are small frivolous things that I would never allow myself to actually buy so they were the first thing I used my Amazon points to get.I really enjoy using them. I got them last April and have been using them all summer.

My egg timer in action. Very helpful for the egg molds since the eggs need to be cooked clear through. I really enjoy my egg timer. I get impatient and this allows me to be sure they are done.

Then quickly peel the hot egg, slap it in the mold, and place in the fridge.

The bunny face is my favorite since the bears ears never fill in well.While taking the time to mold smiley animal faces into eggs is a bit silly, it brings a smile to my face. It also is the only thing that makes me take time to peel the eggs at home and that makes eating them on my break at work more enjoyable too.

The vegetables and the candy. I use a bunny cookie cutter to keep them from mingling.

My first break I eat an egg and the fresh vegetables. My lunch I eat an egg, the vegetable main dish and the warped candy over to the right. My last break I'm not hungry but the day is wearing on me and I need a pick-me-up to sooth me and to get my brain going again. The trail mix with chocolate does the trick.

And it all fits into a container about the size of a pop can. This is just the coolest thing ever.

It's also not terribly well made so I use the thick rubber band off of the broccoli to seal it. It will never hold soup or do well upside down holding something juicy.

Speaking of juicy. It's the end of our dry streak with 36 hours of rain this weekend. There had been cracks in the dirt so wide that Joey would loose a whole leg down one. He would be toddling along and his chin would hit the ground because his legs just fell out from under him.

If it's too hard to imagine Joey legs, the cracks were large enough that a match box car would be lost in them and deep enough that fingers wouldn't reach and they would need to be retrieved with a stick. About halfway through the first day of rain the water started bubbling out of the cracks and not long after they filled with oozing mud.

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