Sunday, October 14, 2012

Favorite Color Swap

This swap need a little back story. Having moved into a new apartment I suggested to my spoiler that a home warming theme would be welcome. My bedroom is burgundy and pink and my bathroom shaded of tan and brown and both are finished. However, my kitchen is being revamped and when I signed up for this swap my living room was an empty room.

I picked turquoise as my favorite color because it works for both rooms and posted two photos for my spoiler.
Vintage Fire King dish that I received in the Retro swap. It's in my favorite blue turquoise color and I have plans for a vintage kitchen.

For the living room a swatch photo of the rug I bought and the pillow fabric I've knitted and woven. This is a more yellow based turquoise, leaning toward sea glass and teal. It's not a color I would wear but it looks really sharp with the yellow sand colored walls in a way the blue turquoise doesn't.

Everyone gather around and look at the awesome things jamsticks spoiled me with!

First it’s worth noting that the box weighed over 15 pound! I had my 14 pound dog in one arm and this box in the other while walking up my apartment stairs. The box was much heaver than Joey. Look why.
All packaged up fancy…

 with ribbons…

and sea glass. My little Midwestern heart melted at sea glass. We don’t have that here.

First there was the vintage Pyrex. I just love vintage Pyrex. I squeeeeed and clapped my hands when I pulled this out of the box. The color is exquisite and look at the gold scrolling on the lid but really it’s all about the color. This is beyond perfect!
Turquoise utensils! More squeeeing.

Polka dotted dish towels that reflects my kitchen inspiration photo! My other inspiration photo . The photo I'm using as my own inspiration. The polka dots are my color pallet. 

Handmade soap!

In the perfect color with gold shimmer! It smells great too.

Why, Yes, I am.
It’s post-its and a pin. Super cute.

Organic Chocolate bars and gluten free. jamsticks was extremely consequence about the yummies. I’m so very touched by that.

Locally made candy. I’ve never had soft saltwater taffy before. I’m eating the last piece right now and I love it.

Yarn. I love the yarn. It’s the color of sea glass and the sky and the ocean. All my favorite colors! I can’t wait to knit it …after I horde it in my stash for a good long while as Too-Special-to-Knit.
This all shows that jamsticks is a truly talented spoiler. But wait! There is more.

Now for the hand made.

A place mat of my “Junk Drawer” There is the nail polish, Tardis, a key, marbles, candy, buttons! I could tie each image to a swap I was in. Things I sent and things I received . That is some crazy scary super good stalking.

These place mats are painted with acrylic and then heat set to be washable. Look at the sweet robins eggs and feathers. I have a sweet story about robins eggs and the robins egg blue one of the shades of turquoise I like most.

Sea Glass!

Here’s a closer look.
And to finish the set, YARN!
Thank you, jamsticks! Everything is perfect and thoughtful and generous. Words just don’t do it justice. I love it ALL!

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