Saturday, July 05, 2014

Tour de Fleece

Today is the start of Tour de France. Since there is not much that I like to do more than to watch tv while knitting and then find a group of like minded people on line to chat about the show and, more importantly, the knitting of course I joined Tour de Fleece.

From July 5 until Sunday July 27th the goal is to spin every day. We will watch the race but more importantly we will be talking about spinning and making lots of new yarn. I've knit 8,000 yards since I last bought yarn so I really need some new yarn to coming in.

I can only spin for a minute today to say that I did. Then Joey and I are loading up for a day trip. I have trepidation about taking a 17 year old dog out for the day. Added to that, yesterday my car was hit while parked on the side of the road and the back door is, well, it's not good. I feel like it's a omen not to drive for six hours today. So far we are still going. I'm starting to pack our stuff up now but I will have a good look at that door before we actually go. I haven't had a good chance to review the damage yet.

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