Friday, August 01, 2014

A Moment in Time

Nerd Wars just announced this is it's last tournament.  I've really enjoyed the knitting challenges and this summer was heavily involved in it. It's sad to see it come to an end.

 This is one of my submissions.

 Challenge:  To craft something inspired by a way of measuring time.

 Description of how project meets challenge: VOLUME T: TIME

 Clock of the Long Now is a proposed mechanical clock designed to keep time for 10,000 years. It is now being built inside a mountain in western Texas. Ten thousand years is about the age of civilization, so a 10K-year Clock would measure out a future of civilization equal to its past. 

My hat colors and texture reflect the prototype that is currently on display at the Science Museum in London.
Team Spirit tie in (if desired):
Photo(s) related to Team Spirit:

Monroe is a clock repairman but the tie-in is not to the clocks. No.

 It’s to his brown eyes with flecks of green and grey, like the hat.


I would start by making anything I wanted. For this project I spun some yarn that was brown and green plied with blue with flecks of white and I though of how much it looked like hazel eyes. I had thought to tie it to Nick in the show, but on taking the photographs the brown came out overshadowing the green and blue bits. That tie-in was easy enough to change.

The next step is how to relate a brown hat to measuring time. I could take the easy way out and talk about winter or needing the wear a hat on the winter solstice but I wanted more. So then comes an hour of browsing the web, reading about time, time dilation, redshift, water clocks, radioactive decay, and pretty much just geeking out. I ended up going back to one of the first references I found with the Clock of the Long Now.

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