Friday, September 19, 2014

It's so Good

I mentioned in July that some of the best things in life are knitting socks and listening to audio books read by James Marsters.
It's now September and I can top it. Knitting socks WHILE listening to James Marster read. It's so good!
Here are the socks I've knit since July 27th while listening to The Dresden Files.
I'm so engaged in the listening that I can't handle anything that involves counting or thinking.
Socks are something I can knit while lying on my back. I lie on the floor with my feet on the sofa like a kid.
My elbows resting on the floor and my sock held just above my chest and I can knit like that for hours. If I'm listening to CDs I have to get up to change them out and then go about doing other things, but if it's a Library download I can loose most of a Sunday.

It's been a fantastically good summer.

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