Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cherry Opal Thank Yous

A special thank you to listeningmoth, who spoiled me rotten and has waited so patently while I get this thank you is order. Sadly, I still can’t get a real thank you up yet.

My swapping pal and I are hanging out heads in shame at the delay.

The photos are done but to express the epic stalking listeningmoth did of me and how each and every rock as an incredible special personal meaning will take time. Until then let me post a teaser of the photos that speak for themselves.

The rock is upside down in the photo. On the other side are green crystals. I didn't know that until later.
 Sadly the photos don’t do it justice.
See, like this one. Cherry Opal chips. The photo barely shows it but they flash green and red fire in low light. Pretty right? You look at them and move on. But NO! They are so much more than pretty. listeningmoth, listened when I lamented about how I dislike my April birthstone of diamond since they are expensive, and I’m sensitive to the negative consequences of the diamond trade, and the fake ones usually look like cheap glass.

Well, the mystical birthstone list from Tibet list OPAL as the April birthstone. Here they are, my very first birthstone that wasn’t my wedding ring. The first time in my whole life I received a birthstone “just because”. I about cried when I opened it and they were in the card before unwrapping anything in the box.

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