Monday, December 01, 2014

Rocking the Thank You's

I have half a second to breath again so I can finally start the Thank You for the Geology Rocks swap. I'm still going to have to break it into installments so I can do it justice.

What I wanted most from this swap was a local rock. Whenever I travel I pick up one rock from the trip as my memento. They have such a feeling of place to them.

listeningmoth, sent me this rock from her Grandmother’s farm in Virgina. She said it was typical of the location. We have nothing like this in Kansas. We specialize in roundish jagged rocks. It never occurred to me that a rock could be this shape or so smooth. I keep picking it up and feeling it to reassure myself it’s really a rock and not a railroad spike. It just blows my mind. I love it. I’ve added it to my small collection of travel rocks and feel like I’ve visited Virgina

 Among my travel rocks I had a sand rose from Africa. I had mentioned that while I still had the petrified wood from my time there the sand rock had broken in a move. Look at that. She sent me a sand rose! I reverently added it to my travel rocks too.

The swap yarn is the blue corner of the first picture. That is the best photo I have of the yarn. It’s wonderful yarn in one of my very favorite color but I was so excited about the rocks it didn’t get it’s due in the photo shoot. I can’t wait to knit it!

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