Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Little Luck

It's been a long time since I posted. I had been in the process of buying a house and two days before closing it was announced the title didn't clear. My lease at the apartment was up so I moved into the house renting month by month.The process wasn't something I wanted to talk about and not mentioning it felt fake, hence the blog silence.

Well, this week I received notice that since the title is now a "Soft clear" that the title company won't allow the sell of the house for six months to a year. I just signed the documents changing my lease to extend until November.

I decided that this house and I needed a little luck. Now where does a person obtain some luck? Where else?
I turned in my points and used the free shipping and this little gift showed up at my door.

hmmmmm. It doesn't look like plants.

Seven pots of four-leaf clover in shades of green, white, burgundy, and red.

This one with pink speckles is especially pretty.

I planted them in the bare dirt outside the back door where nothing grows. I hope that along with their genetically altered luck* they do their nitrogen fixation thing and that area will be mine and ready to grow flowers next year.

*the nursery listing didn't say they were genetically altered, and I can't find much online either, but they have to be, right? University of Georgia found the four-leaf gene next to the one that produces red color in 2010 and 5 years to store shelves sounds about right to me.

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