Saturday, December 17, 2016

Atkilt Wot

After a full year of going through everything I own and only keeping what brings me joy, it's as good as finished. So currently I am going through my 38 year collection of recipes and cooking them one by one to see if it's a keeper or needs to go.

As I cook I enter each one into a recipe builder that calculates the calories per serving.

This one is a keeper. It's African Stew from some budget vegetarian cookbook I checked out of the library about 10 years ago. It's very cheap to make and delicious and, surprisingly, it turns out that whole plate is only 186 calories.

I always wondered about the name "African Stew". It's not stew and I didn't think it was African. 
That is until I went to Awaze, an Ethiopian restaurant downtown. Eating at Awaze was like being back in Africa. Exactly like being back in Africa. The restaurant opened half an hour later than posted, it took 40 minutes for our order to be taken, and an hour for the food to show up.

In Africa we had a family game of wondering what was happening back in the kitchen.
"Waiting for the hens to lay the egg?"
"Running to market to buy the lamb?"
"Harvesting.... no! Planting the carrots."
And that definitely applied to Awaza too. However, the food was the best I have ever tasted, maybe because I was eating lunch at 3pm, but it was amazing. And the best part? The Atkilt Wot we ordered is the same as my African Stew! 

I'm working on a sock yarn blanket. I had a few full skeins of gray and the scraps will be the pops of color. I thought about making the hexipuffs but chose Beryl Blanket because each hexagon is picked up and knit on without any seaming.

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Laura said...

Hi Sherri! This is aprilshowers from ravelry. I am so happy to see your blog active again! I just wanted to let you know that a number of the members over at the Cold Sheep thread had been wondering where you were and were worried. It sounds like you had a tough year and I am sorry about that. It is good to see you are still crafting and seem to be doing well. Happy 2017!