Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 3

Day 3 of the Olympics and I am at the back of the pack. That's not so bad if you consider that I had a late start. With Himself being sent off to Tokyo to do Some Very Important Stuff I spent Friday not spinning but having an early valentines diner and watching him do laundry so he could pack. Saturday the going was strong, but today I am lonely. I ended up squandering most of the day playing computer games and knitting on the random stripe sweater.

I did finish the laundry. Yes, every bit of clothing is clean and most of it is folded and put away. It turns out we have never planed or experience this before and the dresser drawer isn't big enough to hold all of my socks at once.

Back to the Olympics. I figure if I spin one bobbin full a day I should be OK. I'm pretty sure that my bobbins hold 2 ounces. I'm also pretty sure I can make the sweater with 2 pounds of wool. So that is my goal- 2 ounces a day. Since I can't find my soap making scale I went ahead and ordered a new one. Once it gets here I will weigh my yarn, play with my yarn balance, crunch some numbers, and actually be able to know how much yarn I have, what I need, and whether it is possible to spin enough in 16 days. Right now I am just shy of 2 full bobbins. I should have 3 by now but the day isn't over yet.

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