Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's not the gold but playing in the game. Right? After all it looks very unlikely that the founder of this game, Yarn Harlot, will get her gold either. But it's not over yet. I will keep spinning and keep listening to book 11 of the Wheel of Time series. That at least is going very well. And the scale finally made it. There is a bit of good news. More good news, my bobbins hold 3 oz not 2, so I am farther along than I thought.

The other Olympics, the Finishing Olympics hosted by my local yarn shop is going great. I entered 7 items and have finished 3. Today it looks like I will finish 2 more. The last 2? That's looking pretty grim but it could happen. For this Olympics there is more than bragging rites, there are prizes. I have to go to the closing ceremonies Sunday to find out what I have won.

Oh, You want to know what I have finished? See, I have this big drawer that I carefully place things once all the knitting is done and all I have to do is tuck the ends before wearing. Once I found out about the finishing Olympics I cleaned out the drawer. I finished my purple hand dyed fibernachi striped purple sweater, I finished my hand spun natural fawn just the right shade to match my swede boots Shetland sweater, I finished my mini aka boob holder sweater and it has a supper cute button to boot. To be finished today the second mitten of a pair. In fact half of the ends are already tucked. This one is so close to finished I'm not sure how it end up in the drawer. Also for today, a baby wallaby needs some grafting at the arms and hood.

The last two projects need ripping and reknitting. One is a vest I made before I knew about shoulder shaping. Now I know but I still haven't implicated it so I keep putting it off. The other is the sweater Child Hood. Remember the one were I ran out of yarn? I'm leery of seeing how the yarn from a different dye lot looks. So that's something else I have been putting off.

So off to that LYS to have photos taken of my FOs.

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