Wednesday, June 04, 2008

At The Canyon

Day 3 we woke up at the canyon and we spent a quiet day. The morning was driving around the lower part of the rim stopping and looking. The place is just huge.

playing with my zoom lense

After a lunch at the Laundromat we all went our separate ways. Some took a nap at the cabin, some a bus trip to look at more sites. I walked the rim. The day was cool and sunny, the walk a easy hike, and the view stunning. The people along the way happy and friendly and surprisingly mostly foreign. I had no idea that it was such a destination for people from France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Australia, and those were the just accents I recognize or people I talked to. There were many more I couldn't place. The best part was at the end of the hike. I hopped the free bus to ride back to the cabins. Hikes are the most fun walking only one way.

That night we played cards in the cafeteria and went to a talk on the history of the road we had traveled earlier in the day.

There is so much of the trip that I don't have photos of that are important too. Seeing the mule train and the chipmunk with Brandon as the sun was rising. Watching the condor glide below us. The crisp thin air, the dust, the smell of the trees, and being so dry that my skin hurt. Running in the dark to the late night lecture about condors that wasn't about condors at all. And just hanging out in one of the most breath taking places on earth.

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